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“… just so I can see that look on your face, and it’s pretty priceless.”

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  · bellastarkideve asked you: Klaine making “tiaras” out of wildflowers, and Blaine does something romantically cheesy.


OH MY GOD MY FIRST PROMPT! (Because the GKM totally does not count) This was prompted to me far too long ago but here we are, anyway! Enjoy!

Word count: ~1,300
Warnings: Mild swearing? I guess? And Blaine being obnoxious and adorkable
Author: myunimportantramblings

It’s the first really nice week in Spring and Kurt doesn’t know how they managed to be lucky enough to be spending it back in Lima. His dad is thrilled that not only Kurt and Blaine are visiting but that Finn and his new girlfriend Emily are staying too. Every morning he announces day trips and family dinners and chiding Blaine every time he assumes he’s not including because “You’re as much a part of this family as the rest of us, kid.” It’s almost hard for Kurt to wheedle his way out of the seemingly endless family bonding time his father is insisting on.

But he does, and so he wrangles the last Saturday of his trip before he and Blaine return to the crazy that is New York and their jobs and obligations and god, sometimes he wishes they were both back in college where all they really had to worry about was assignments and projects to hand in. He lets the feeling go, grabbing the blanket as Blaine grabs the small stack of Tupperware boxes containing their hastily prepared picnic and beginning their trek up the little grassy mound in the park a few miles over.

It’s warm enough out to be comfortable, but not so warm as to attract swarms of people into the fresh air. There’s a huddling of trees at the top of the hill that dips back further into the park grounds and Kurt had found the perfect place his first summer home from college where the trees cut them off from view of the rest of the park but they were still able to sit out in the open sun.

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#That was such a DESPERATE KISS

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Klaine_from Teenage Dream to Teenage Dream

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based on this gifset :)

this got kinda hot and heavy…sorry

Normally when Blaine dances around his bedroom, it’s just a part of him that’s Kurt’s been used to for as long as he’s known Blaine (since kindergarten, that is. You can’t just let the little cute boy wearing a bow tie borrow the only pink crayon and not stay friends).

But for some reason, laying down and watching Blaine move his body to the beat of his music leads Kurt to blurting the most awkward string of sentences he could possibly think of.

“Can I—Can I ask you a question?”

“Of course you can, silly,” Blaine laughs, not stopping his movements.

“I was just,” Kurt starts, his timid tone of voice a shock to Blaine. “I was just wondering…what do boys’ lips taste like?” Kurt asks, sitting up on Blaine’s bed.

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I’m just gonna leave this here.


Hahahahaha Burt’s reaction is STILL the best reaction

“That must be my son in bed so I will talk to him.”

“Wait why is my son not that person in the bed.”

“Who is the person in the be— oh it’s a boy.”

“My son has a boy in bed.”

“I will just back away now and try to figure out what a shirred egg is myself k thnx”

“You matter son”

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Klaine - Box Scene

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